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We love sailing and traveling the world on foot. < br> This is the synthesis of what can happen when a sailor who loves the sea and regattas, who has sailed far and wide throughout the Mediterranean, falls in love with an "inveterate" walker

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  /  Leonardo Stabile
Leonardo Stabile

Leonardo Stabile

Skipper - Psicologo


Humanistic/integrated psychologist.

Expert in the treatment of problems related to anxiety and panic attacks, phobias, depression, vital sadness and personality disorders. Interested in finding strategies to overcome the "fear of one's freedom".

Trainer in several Masters in Counseling.

Currently, in addition to the normal clinical activity at the studio, he is involved in researching and carrying out personal development and growth activities through the implementation of projects concerning walking such as "Camminando (Walking)" and related to sailtherapy such as the project “Everyone's sea” .

Born on: Febbraio 22, 1974
Email: safirasailing@gmail.com
Phone: 3478228635
Lives in: Trapani
Education: University of Palermo
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