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This is the synthesis of what can happen when a sailor who loves the sea and regattas, who has sailed far and wide throughout the Mediterranean, falls in love with an "inveterate" walker

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Walk though Magna Via Francigena

Price €400 10 Days
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Walk though Magna Via Francigena

€400 per person

What is it?

It is an "assisted" walking journey along the ancient path used for centuries by Sicilian pilgrims. The Magna Via Francigena is a path that connects the shores of the Mediterranean to Sicily. From Palermo to Agrigento, more than 180 km between nature, history, hospitality and gastronomy. A Sicily never seen before!


Simply walking with your backpack on your shoulders. There will be daily stages of a few kilometers (alone or in small groups of max 10 people) which will end in the wonderful villages where you can enjoy pilgrim hospitality, that is a sort of shelters/hostels where you can find refreshment.


Who is the "assistant"?

He is a psychologist (with a humanistic background) with a long experience of traveling on foot. The assistant will make available to the group and to the individual, their knowledge as a traveler, the excellent knowledge of Sicilian culture and above all their skills in the psychological field, with the aim of stimulating them to experience this wonderful journey that pervades with greater awareness. the body and the psyche with a regenerative power. He will therefore give a whole series of practical information necessary to face the journey and daily, at the end of the stage, he will facilitate a discussion group by addressing and proposing the issues that emerge from time to time on the journey.

What are the objectives?

  • Facing the fear of our freedom.
  • Amplify the ability to know things.
  • Learning to live in the here and now.
  • Facilitate the process of identification (questioning oneself, on the relationship with nature and with others).
  • Increase the capacity for action in reality (perceived self-efficacy).
  • Improve your ability to adapt.
  • Learn to listen and respect your emotions and bodily sensations (improve your emotional and bodily perception).


Do I have to be a trained sportsman?

Not at all! It is necessary to have a desire to walk but, above all, a willingness to meet the other, to welcome differences and accept the small discomforts of an experience lived with the whole body and which is aimed at the new and the unexpected.


How much does it cost?

The registration fee is 400€. It includes the assistance and guidance of the psychologist in organizing the trip and on the paths of the Magna Via Francigena. Furthermore, each of the participants will directly assume the cost of the flight or travel to and from Sicily, as well as the personal expenses for food and accommodation. For this purpose, a common fund of €300 each will be established on site. Depending on the needs of the moment, the amount may vary but in any case the unused difference will be returned.



The actual journey will last 10 days. To these days it will be necessary to add the days for the move from Palermo and Agrigento which will take place independently.

Prossime partenze disponibili
21 Febbraio – 3 Marzo 2021


Prima della partenza saranno organizzati alcuni incontri preliminari organizzativi on-line. La partenza del viaggio sarà confermata al raggiungimento di un numero minimo di 4 partecipanti. Nel caso non si dovesse raggiungere tale numero minimo, la quota versata sarà interamente rimborsata.


How to arrive

Contact us and we will give you all the support you need to organize your departure.
The reference airports in western Sicily are Palermo - Punta Raisi (Falcone Borsellino Airport) and Trapani - Birgi (Florio Airport)

10 Days
18+ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
  • Dress Code
    Comfortable clothing, backpack and hiking shoes
1. Palermo - Piana - Santa Cristina Gela. 5,6km
2. Santa Cristina Gela - Corleone. 25,6km
3. Corleone - Prizzi. 19,3km
4. Prizzi - Castronovo di Sicilia. 24,4km
5. Castronovo - Cammarata - San Giovanni Gemini. 12,7km
6. Cammarata - San Giovanni Gemini - Sutera. 19,9km
7. Sutera - Racalmuto/Grotte. 26km
8. Racalmuto - Joppolo Giancaxio. 18,6km
9. Joppolo Giancaxio - Agrigento. 13,2km
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