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We love sailing and traveling the world on foot.
This is the synthesis of what can happen when a sailor who loves the sea and regattas, who has sailed far and wide throughout the Mediterranean, falls in love with an "inveterate" walker

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Individual boarding

Price €200 Depending on the chosen trip
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Individual boarding

€200 per person

For couples and independent travellers.

Individual boarding, or better known as cabin charter, is a new way of living the sea and starting to learn sailing. You don’t need to involve friends, often with hobbies different from yours. It is unnecessary to try to find a boat, a skipper and holiday data suitable for all friends. Enjoy to Safira Sailing, pack a bag with few things and board with us! On our boat, you will make some great new friends, discovering new places.


Participation fee

The participation fee for individual boarding changes in relation to the experience (cruise, sailing-trekking, velatherapy) and period

Depending on the chosen trip
16+ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Harbour of Trapani
  • Departure Time
  • Dress Code
    In relation to the activity
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