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— Safìra Sailing —

Safìra Sailing is an amateur sports association that promotes sailing and the discovery of the Mediterranean coast. We are associated with A.I.C.S. (Italian Association of Culture and Sport).

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The boat si safer in harbour

— ...but it is not for this reason that it was bult!  —



2103 - 2019

— Our Story —

Hi, we are Agata and Leonardo. We love sailing and traveling around the world. This is what can happen when a sailor who loves the sea and regattas, who has sailed far and wide throughout the Mediterranean, falls in love with an "inveterate" walker, which as walked thousands of kilometers on foot around the world. It was so that we decided to transform our love for the sea and the journey into a project. The first need was to find a bigger, comfortable and safer boat, where to host everyone who would like to share our proposals. We looked for a long time and finally here it is: Safìra! A beautiful Elan Yacht 434 Impression. For us, the word "Safìra" is full of meanings. The name comes from the Greek and means "like a sapphire". The word "sapphire" comes from the jewish "sappir" and mean "the most beautiful thing". But for Sicilian people, Safìra means "that is able to". What a better name! We have therefore founded the Safìra Sailing Amateur Sports Association with the aim of sharing our experiences of sailing and traveling. i.

- Founding members  -

Leonardo Stabile

Psychologist specialist in the treatment of anxiety, panic attack, depression, and personality disorder. He is interested to find strategies to overcome the fear of own freedom. His clinical work is based on an experiential approach where the body and the emotions are stimulated by the direct experience. Two examples of this approach are the projects "Camminando" and "Il Mare di tutti".

Agata Novara

Researcher of Agronomy at Palermo University, teacher of agronomy in the faculty of viticulture and enology. Her studies have focused on environmental sustainability in agriculture. She as attended to several regattas and she is National Sailing Instructor